Millie Neal

Hi fans!! I’m Millie (as you know). I double checked this morning and I am the most watched professional lip balm user influencer on social media today.

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ted eous

I’m different. I’ve always known that.

As a young boy I was told I was a remarkable young man… that I had more in common with the likes of pythagoras or Alan Turing.

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serena day

As a SnugZ lip balm advocate to the people, I was entrusted as a preferred green tea lip balm user and inducted into the PLBUA (pretty much since the dawn of the association).

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About the PLBUA

Deep in the heart of the renowned SnugZ labs of West Jordan, Utah… A renegade infused lip balm formula was pioneered that would change the way lip balmers balmed… Forever.

This is the story about the day the cap came off and the first Professional Lip Balm Users Association was born - the PLBUA. Saving one lip or two at a time… You will never look at lip balm users the same again. Introducing the P.L.B.U.A.

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