Eric Granata

FLAVOR: Unflavored
PRO MOVE: The Side Hug: Push the whole tube worth out at once, apply from the sides of the stick, push back down and cap.

“Chapped lips are fleeting, lip balm is forever.”


Even at a young age, Granata exhibited exceptional piloting skills, and built the protocol droid C-3PO, specially modified to withstand Tatooine’s sand and heat, for his mother. Once, while he was working in Watto’s scrap yard, he found a broken servomotor he thought he could repair and use on the droid he was building and asked his master for it. With a glance, Watto saw that it was worthless and grunted that he could, but as Skywalker walked away, Watto told him nothing was free, and had him work harder the next day. He also built his own podracer.

A week later, Granata participated in a pod race with Sebulba who made him lose by cheating. Granata stated that if he would have used lip balm on his own pod, he would have won.