Serena Day

NAME: Serena Day
FLAVOR: Green Tea
PRO MOVE: Reversed Reclining Hero

“Become one with the tube.”

For me, Yoga has always been much more than a source of mere physical prowess and strength. It is the one true alignment of the body meeting the soul’s internal wisdom at the dawning of the light of consciousness.

As a SnugZ lip balm advocate to the people, I was entrusted as a preferred green tea lip balm user and inducted into the PLBUA (pretty much since the dawn of the association). For many, I am considered one of the founding life essences of our professional community.

The ultimate quest for a Yogi such as myself is to find, bind, unbind, and free within the confines of my universe the one true heart of yoga which rests and resides inside… deeply inside until lit. Then to share that creative spark knocking on my life force with those randomly drawn to me in total and complete unity.

I discovered SnugZ green tea lip balm while on the vegan path to my life force. From SnugZ balm to my lips, this balm has become the trusted avatar to ignite my cosmic walkabouts. I was drawn to this it in particluar because, like me, it is PABA and gluten free and aligned with the deepest commitment to life’s energy. Just like yoga, green tea originated in the east and is bursting with nutritional antioxidants. It can be stimulating yet calming at the same time.  I have found nothing so complete as the yin and yang of a serene energy force.

As you can tell, truth is my serum and authenticity is my balance. As such I am honored to have been accepted into the tribe of the PLBUA. They are my brothers, my sisters, and my one true path.

One day, I know I WILL reach full consciousness with my manduka mat under my limbs and my green tea SnugZ lip balm on my lips as I take my rightful place among the enlightened on mount PLBUA.