KissaBill Petrie

NAME: KissaBill Petrie
FLAVOR: Mint because of all of that minty goodness. Plus, it reminds me of thin-style cookies sold by a girl’s empowerment organization that are generally availaBILL in the first few months of the year.
PRO MOVE: The Pucker Round Flash Smooth Situation
APPLICATIONS/MIN: Too many focus on speed when the true aim should be accuracy in coverage. In that spirit, two applications per minute: the first is for the base coat while the second is for the ladies.

“Dry lips might not sink ships, but no one wants to kiss lips that appear to be molting.”

KissaBILL Petrie has been a user of lip balm for many years. Beginning at the tender age of five, Petrie has understood the value of quality lip coverage during cold Chicago winters. Later, in his teen years living in Texas, he embraced lip balm yet again in an effort to stave off the blazing summer heat of the Lone Star State and the negative impact on his lips. 
While others may never leave home without a certain green credit card, Petrie can always be counted on to have minty lip balm on his person at any time to ensure moist and healthy lips. In fact, he’s been known to carry a spare, so should you see KissaBILL Petrie in the wild, simply ask him for a spare – he will be happy to share his spare.